Do you have issues with managing stress? Is your job fast-paced and you find yourself having trouble sleeping, relaxing or ‘switching off’?

Maybe you’ve been in a low mood for a while and can’t seem to motivate yourself or get back to where you used to be?

Or perhaps you’ve developed bad habits to cope with difficult emotions – making yourself feel better by eating the wrong things, drinking too much, or just generally living an unhealthy lifestyle?

As committed psychologists we are here to help you, whatever your issue.

About Me

My name is Joanna Konstantopoulou. I am a private psychologist based in Harley Street, the heart of London’s medical district, and have been offering psychologist services for over 10 years. I specialise in Health Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

At my private London clinic I treat individuals, couples and families, and will work with you to deal with all kinds of emotional, behavioural and health issues including stress and anxiety, depression and weight problems.

Testimonials & Clients

Morris J.

An enormous thank you for your help. You have been absolutely brilliant and really made such a positive influence on my life and me. I will always remember your words of wisdom, thank you.

Online Consultations

I am dedicated to finding the right solution for you, and will tailor the therapy, the treatment and our sessions together to suit your needs. This could mean having our sessions via a Skype online consultation if you prefer to talk from the comfort of your home (or wherever you are), or find it hard to fit appointments around a busy schedule.

With a supportive environment, and effective, targeted psychological treatment, we will set goals together and get you to where you want to be.

Areas We Can Help

– Anxiety and Stress

– Social Anxiety

– Anger Management

– Health Related Depression

– Long Term Conditions

– Life Skills

– Generalised Anxiety

– Phobias

– Depression

– Clinical Depression

– Pre/Post Surgery Support

– Health Coaching for Couples

– Panic Disorder

– Stress Management

– Post Natal Depression

– Sexual Disorders

– Weight Management

– Wellness Coaching