Effective, Tailored Weight Loss & Management Treatment in Harley Street, London

We can all develop unhealthy eating habits, perhaps due to stress, long or irregular working hours, or the social life we become part of.

But when overeating becomes the norm as opposed to an occasional indulgence, it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with food as weight gain could become a major health issue.

You might be eating to avoid doing something you don’t like, or make yourself feel better about something that upsets you.

Or maybe you’re using food as a barrier to protect yourself, like a comfort blanket. Sometimes we eat because we’re bored, anxious or angry.

Similarly if you’re not eating enough and weight loss has become a problem, it may be that there is a psychological reason behind your relationship with food that needs to be sorted out.

Learning how to manage your weight, establishing a positive relationship with food and healthy eating habits can be developed through psychological treatment. As a leading psychologist for weight loss in London, at my Harley Street clinic I will help you change how you think about food, and we will replace your negative associations with positive, healthy thinking and behaviour.

So whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or stop binge eating, the emotional reasons behind your eating habits are what need to be tackled.

As your private psychologist, we will work together to understand why you are not eating properly, and then get to a healthy weight through new, positive habits.

We will ensure you maintain a healthy weight by improving you mindset, body image and boost your self-esteem, ensuring positive long-term changes to your wellbeing and a much improved quality of life through effective weight management treatment.

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